The Prince of Darkness is a gentleman


The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini (1966)

Munsters Cheerios Commercial

Bill Hicks - Rant in E-Minor - 02 - Easter

One of THE best social commentary comedians. 

Pokemon - Saturday Morning Slow Jams

Ever wonder what the cartoon theme songs of our childhood would sound like as ’90s r&b? Yes, I’ve wondered that, too - and that’s why I’ve launched a video series to explore this idea. Tune in every Saturday morning and get nostalgic with Saturday Morning Slow Jams: cartoon themes with a gangsta lean.”


Burlesque ~ Heather Holliday

March 27, 1989


YoYo (1965) Pierre Etaix

"AN EFFERVESCENT EPIC… tied to the eras of silent cinema, talking pictures and television. In a hilarious scene that evokes Pre-Code Hollywood, a flapper lasciviously unbuttons his spats while he puffs distractedly on a cigarette. YOYO celebrates true love and creative freedom. It’s also a valentine to cinema, incorporating allusions to the work of artists ranging from Groucho Marx to Federico Fellini."
- Kristin Jones, The Wall Street Journal


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